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Carolina Rodriguez

Hometown: Dominican Republic
Currently Reside: Mount Vernon,NY
Ethnic Background:Dominican

Twitter: www.twitter.com/carolinaluvxo

How were you discovered?

I did a photo shoot, posted the pictures online and from then on I started to network with people and took a stronger interest in modeling.

What inspired you to pursue modeling?

It’s something I have always had a passion for, one of those things you say you want to do, yet never actually do it. It wasn’t until about a year in ago that I decided to take action and see where it can take me.

You have an outstanding hourglass figure, where do the curves come from and how do you stay in shape?

why thank you 🙂 I try to go to the gym and avoid eating junk food. keyword “try” lol doesn’t always work out that way. The best way for me to stay in shape is dancing, something I have fun and actually enjoy doing.

Which of your features attract the most attention?

My lips and smile

What kind of shoots/work do you enjoy the most?

I would have to say commercial shoots, I love being able to smile and have fun with the camera.

What are some of your credits ?

I worked with Frank Antonio, Sidney Etienne Mj Flix, xoxo FX studios,    N E E F FRESH, I have also done photoshoots for a clothing line and several fashion shows.

Tell us some of your long term goals..

For my long term goals I plan on getting my bachelor’s then masters in child psychology, and furthering my modeling career.

Do you have any tattoos or piercings?

No tattoos and only a belly button piercing.

Your beauty can easily be intimidating, but have you ever been afraid before a shoot?

The first time I did a shoot, I was really nervous, but after a while i let loose and had fun with it.

People would be surprised to know that ___________?

I learned English when I was 8 and it only took me about six months J

Your idea of relaxing is?

staying home watching movies, and eating lots of chocolate 🙂

You’ve got front row tickets to see your favorite artist. Who is it and why?

I would have to say John Mayer, I am a big fan! I love his music, it’s very soothing and his lyrics have a lot of meaning.

Your favorite getaway spot?

Definitely the Dominican Republic, I live in NY yet I hate the cold in the D.R it’s summer all year long, And I love the beaches and sunny days.

Whats your favorite song of the moment?

‘Just the way you are’ by Bruno Mars

What are your turnons?

A well educated goal oriented man, who knows what he wants out of life, has career goals and can also make me laugh. I won’t be into you if you can’t act silly sometimes.

What are your turnoffs?

Someone with no ambition, who lacks self confidence and takes himself too seriously. I love a guy who can have fun enjoy life yet maintain to keep himself focus.

What’s the craziest thing a fan has done to get your attention?

This one guy sent me a video of himself twirling his tongue around I don’t know if he thought I would be attracted to that? But it definitely made me laugh lol

Who have you enjoyed working with the most?

I’ve been lucky to have the opportunity to work with very talented people! I must say the one person I’ve enjoyed working the most is with Frank Antonio.

The most sensual shoot you’ve ever done and what made it so sexy?

The most sensual shoot i’ve done thus far, has to be one of my most recent ones. it was an implied black and white shoot, what made it so sexy was how it was natural not trying to force myself to be sexy.

What should we expect to see you doing in the near future?

In the near future I want to get more into acting. I want to do commercials/videos/ and most definitely magazines.

Any parting words or people you would like to thank?

I would like to thank all my friends and family who support me on my dreams, this is just the beginning for me.