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Virgo Peridot

Measurements: 36-27-46  Height:5’5″
Hometown: Warm Springs
Currently Reside: Atlanta,GA
Ethnic Background: Caucasian

Twitter: VirgoPeridot1
Myspace: VirgoPeridot
Website: www.virgoperidot.com

Youtube: VirgoPeridotHD

Your name Virgo Peridot itself is very unique. A Peridot is a gem. How did your name come about and what made you decide to use it?

I wanted my name to be unique something that was not recycled around.. I brain stormed on a name and it hit me!! Virgo for my sign and Peridot is August’s birth stone! Instant Winner!

Your dancing clips are all over the internet, your name is popular on many forums and your audience keeps growing. When did you realize that you were onto something and that you were drawing so much attention?

A week after my first youtube video got 6,500 hits in like 4 days!
I was like hell yeah! it was then that I started the requests and public vids.. those are still my fave vids to make! my website right now has over 500+ vids! recently had 1 million views to my shakinit.com page! really excited about that..

Tell us about your website and what a member or viewer can expect to see when they visit…..

What a viewer can expect is me having a blast at what I love.. content uploaded all the time something always fresh waiting on you..

We recall first seeing you on http://www.shakinit.com but can you tell us how you were first discovered?

My first vid went up on youtube..

What inspired you to start making the dance clips?

I love to dance around and share it to the world!

You have an outstanding figure and obviously are quite athletic from watching you move, where do the curves come from and how do you stay in shape?

I am lucky enough to have been blessed with the curves! had them since I was 14 LOL… How I keep em? exercise! Main things I do are squats,lunges, leg curls, tai-bo, for my cardio I do 20 mins on the punching bag and 30 mins on the inclined treadmill.. I don’t really do girly exercise LOL. I get down in the gym!  As of late i been doing P90-x

The terms P.A.W.G. and WHOOTY seem to be the new definition for white girls with curves, do you interpret these terms as a compliment or do you find it offensive?

I love who I am so I would say compliment all the way baby!!

You are versatile with the clips you release, what kind of clips and themes do you enjoy making most?

Requested vids and public vids! Are my all time fav vids to make..Honestly any kind as long as the film is rolling!

Tell us about feedback from fans and admirers, how does the response or feedback motivate what you come up with next?

I love the feedback that I get rather it be good feedback or bad. I take it all and process it and see how I can become better. With out feedback I would be lost on what I need or not need to do.

Outside of what you are doing now tell us some of your long term goals….

One thing that I wanted as a goal happened a year after I started posting on the net I was able to quit the “9-5” job. I would love to see myself step out of my comfy zone and perhaps be in some music vids or movies and magazines.

Do you have any tattoos or piercings?

I only have my ears pierced.

Your name, image and videos appear on a number of websites, can you tell us some of the places you have given permission and support the use of your image?

Shakinit.com bigbootytown.com dreamsofbooty.com

People would be surprised to know that….?

I have 2 degrees HAHA

Your idea of relaxing is?

phone off tv off sittin a beach waves hittin my feet with a nice cold drink in my hand!

Your favorite getaway spot?

a beach anywhere…

What are your turnons?

interaction between me and someone else… sexy stomachs, accents, all make me tingle!

What are your turnoffs?

bad breath and folks that think they are the shit.

What’s the craziest thing a fan has done to get your attention?

screamed my name across a store he said Virgo I love your ass shakin vids Lol..

Who have you enjoyed working with the most?

Lucicious she’s my girl!!

And name someone you would love to work with?

Greeneyed, kialee undress dress kandy kash we have all at 1 time done some vids together.

What’s the sexiest shoot or video that you have made and what made it so sexy?

Bath tub with candles! Nothing is more sexy to me than a naked woman all wet enjoying herself with nothing but the candles burning!

What should we expect to see you doing in the near future?

wow more ass shaking… Just really depends on where this road takes me…

Any parting words or people you would like to thank?

thanx to everyone that watches and hits me up! I love talking with people!!

Much Love Virgo

Green Eyed

Measurements: 5 foot 2 with a 40 inch donkey

Hometown: Richmond, VA

Currently Reside: Cali son

Ethnic Background: white as they come lol with a little Greek and Irish in there

Twitter: greeneyed9

Myspace: clubgreeneyed

Website: sexygreeneyed.com, mygirlfund.com/kaylie, clubgreeneyed.com, greeneyed9.info, greeneyedbooty.com

How were you discovered?

When I was a tiny 18 year old college lass I started posing for a friend who was a photography major. I added the pics on facebook and myspace and got rave reviews. I found a site that paid for tame photo sets I could be nakey but had to have bandaids over my nips and my kitty covered. I was known as the naked chick on campus. It was pretty cool. I started modeling for art classes, and the more comfortable I became being nude for pay, for entertainment, and for shock value the more sites I applied for. YouTube was really a hit for me and my videos were so hot they always got deleted. Fans had to follow me from account to account to keep up with me. Last year I made a page of all my booty shaking videos so fans could find me in one spot where I would never get deleted (clubgreeneyed.com)

What inspires you to make your dancing and erotic videos?

Money, creativity, passion, and the fans 🙂 gotta pay the rent and have fun doing it

You have a small frame but a nice bubble in your backyard, tell us where ya got it?And were you always proud of your shape?

I have always had a big booty and loved it, but it wasn’t until I started making money from it that I realized its great power! I ran track in high school so that helped me develop a strong muscular base for the fat to rest on. I work out at the gym doing squats, lunges, deadlifts, box jumps etc to keep it toned and high.

What do you enjoy most about your work?

The creativity it allows me. With clubgreeneyed.com I can dance to the music I like,wear the oufits I like, and produce as many videos as I want in a week. Also making money off of my booty is fan-fucking-tastic.

I see that you allow your viewers to send outfits for you to perform in, what was the best outfit you recieved and what did you do with it?

Honestly people pick the cheapest stuff sometimes. The stuff I want I rarely get. I usually just get outfits people want me to wear in custom videos like pantyhose or satin panties lol stuff I have no interest in. It would be nice to one day just get a $100 gift card and be able to spend it on whatever I want without having to have someone else’s tastes in mind.Yall need to step your game up! I love Nike SB dunks and Victoria Secret panties 🙂

Do you have any tattoos or piercings? And what do your tattoos mean?

Yes I have a couple in my ears, my nose, and my labret and medusa.I have a bunch of tattoos. My favorites are the Beatles ‘Strawberry Fields’ lyrics I have on my feet. “Nothing is real and nothing to get hung about” with little strawberries and flowers. And I love my left arm which has a full sleeve from the wrist all the way into my armpit. Shawn from Hot Rod Tattoo in Blacksburg, Virginia did it. It depicts a Hopi Indian creation legend involving four worlds that are created and destroyed. I love nature and the connection we have to the earth. It’s a great story and I love the ants 🙂

Sexy ladies like you can sometimes be intimidating to approach or talk to, but are you ever intimidated or shy?

Meh I’m only really scared of cops. Fuck the police!

People would be surprised to know that_________?

I have a college degree, I work full time, I go to the gym 4-5 times a week, and I run my modeling business Green Eyed Productions. I have energy, motivation, and intellect that a lot of girls in the industry can’t compete with. I’m extremely down to earth. I rarely wear makeup in my day to day life. I’m that chill girl you’d share a blunt with and then dream about when you get home 🙂

Your idea of relaxing is?

weed, weed, and more weed i’ll smoke it, eat it, fuck i even got lotion to rub it in my skin 🙂

You’ve got front row tickets to see your favorite artist. Who is it and why?

I wouldn’t say he is my favorite artist but I have a huge crush on Lil Wayne. I love his style and long hair. there’s just something about him….

Your favorite getaway spot?

I love to go to the beach and stay in hotels/cottages that have hot tubs to soak my booty and smoke a blunt.

How does Hip Hop music impact your daily life and your work? Whats your favorite song of the moment?

Hip hop is awesome. It touches on the things that are important in my life weed, sex, money, and hos. I love the rawness of old school hip hop. My all time faves are Bone Thugs. Higher, higher baby 🙂 I am really enjoying the B.M.F. (Blowin Money Fast) track and Young Jeezy is killin it with Lose my Mind.

What are your turnons?

respect, honesty, in shape, tall, loves to cuddle

What are your turnoffs?

stupid guys that want freebies- I do plenty of contests and giveaways on my blog sexygreeneyed.com but nothing turns me off more than a guy DEMANDING free pics or videos. This is a job for you can’t just go into McDonald’s and DEMAND free burgers. All I ask for is respect from these dudes.

What’s the craziest thing a fan/admirer has done to get your attention?

Nothing too extreme actually. I’ve been lucky in that respect. A lot of gross dicks pics tho get sent to my inbox lol.

Who have you enjoyed working with the most?And name someone you would love to work with?

I shoot most of my content myself, but a couple of months ago I worked with an awesome photographer Tammy. She’s a sexy asian chick with great skills. twitter.com/tammynize I’d love to work with more models for girl girl shoots.

The most sensual thing you’ve ever done?

sex on acid mmm

What should we expect to see you doing in the near future?

more camming on mygirlfund.com/kaylie this is the first site i’ve cammed on in a while and i love the closeness and interaction i can get with members (who wants to hook it up with the new Logitech HD cam 🙂

Any parting words or shoutouts?

Yes! Please remember to vote for me in the Shakinit.com contest coming up. Voting takes place September 1-3. You can vote on my personal voting page voteforgreeneyed.com One vote per person. Spread the word. Also you can help me out and show your love by signing up for a free profile on my camsite mygirlfund.com/kaylie message me the code KUSHION and you will receive a free booty shake video to thank you for signing up. Also I’d love to give a shout out to my girl Virgo Peridot on shakinit.com. She’s a beautiful whooty friend of mine 🙂 And my fave DJs, Dj Woogie and DJ reps twitter.com/djreps1 twitter.com/djwoogie