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@CasseyChasem “Baseball is Back” Courtesy of @IconikImages

Model: Cassey Chasem
Twitter: @CasseyChasem
Instagram: @CasseyChasem

Photographer: Iconik Images
Twitter: @Ricky_Fontaine
Instagram: @IconikImages

  Cassey001 Cassey003 Cassey002 Cassey001 Cassey004

Sara Lee Saleh @SaraLeeSaleh ALL STAR WEEKEND courtesy of Iconik Images @iconikimages

Photographer: Iconik Images
Twitter: @Ricky_Fontaine
Instagram: @iconikimages

Model: Sara Lee Saleh
Twitter: @SaraLeeSaleh
Instagram: @SaraLeeSaleh

Sara Lee Saleh 1

 Sara Lee Saleh 3Sara Lee Saleh 2

Jojo Burton Courtesy of IconikImages @Ricky_Fontaine

Photographer Ricky Fontaine continues his dominance on Kushionsrus !!!
All visitors should be following him on twitter @Ricky_Fontaine and instagram @iconikimages
Now Make Sure you Add Model Jo Jo Burton on Instagram @jojokburton

I was behind the curve on posting these, but there is no better way to start off the Year than with some Red White and Blue reminder of how beautiful the world is !!!!

JojoBurton JojoBurton (1)JojoBurton (2)


Clanese Monae (@ClaneseMonae) Courtesy of Iconik Images (@Ricky_Fontaine)

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Kari Novelli @karinovelli1

Photographer: Iconik Images (@Ricky_Fontaine)
Model: Kari Novelli







@Cierrapashawn courtesy of Iconik Images @ricky_fontaine

Photographer: Iconik Images (@Ricky_Fontaine)
Model: Cierra Pashawn (@cierrapashawn)

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Miss Faren

Photographer: Iconik Images (@Ricky_Fontaine)

Model: Faren Williams (@missfaren)

Ashley O – Courtesy of Iconik Images (Ricky Fontaine)

Courtesy of awesome photographer Ricky Fontaine: @Ricky_Fontaine

Here is model Ashley O, follow her on twitter here: @xoxoashleyO

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Lux Lucciano

Checkout Model Lux Lucciano on Twitter: @LuxLucciano

Images Courtesy of Ricky Fontaine and Iconik Images

Follow Ricky on Twitter: @Ricky_Fontaine

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Cassey Chasem

Now as a Bonus here is Cassey’s Classic Worldstar Hip Hop Video

Submissions Courtesy of Rick Fontaine: Follow him on Twitter: @Ricky_Fontaine and Ladies be shot by a true professional !!!

Twitter: @CasseyChasem