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Mz Spadez

Measurements: 36- 27- 41
Hometown: Bronx,NY
Currently Reside: New York City Baby
Ethnic Background: Caribbean American

Twitter: www.twitter.com/MzSpadez
Myspace: www.modelmayhem.com/aceofspadez
Website:  www.facebook.com/MzSpadez

How were you discovered?

Well I havent been discovered yet, I’m just working hard until someone sees my potential.

What inspired you to pursue modeling?

Someone told me I was tall enough to model and I should try it out. That was 2 yrs ago I started taking pictures and have not stopped since then.

You have an outstanding hourglass figure, where do the curves come from and how do you stay in shape?

Well I am caribbean and we have tendencies to be very beautiful shapely women. I stay in shape by walking a lot, chasing my daughter around, and trying my hardest to eat right.

Which of your features attract the most attention?

I believe my legs because they are soo long..

What kind of shoots/work do you enjoy the most?

I enjoy the shoots I can basically have fun with and just be myself.

What are some of your credits?

My credits go to Ray Mitchell , Noxie Studios , Lloyd Parks , and Ace Photography, and IRS Studios.

Tell us some of your long term goals….

Some of my long term goals involve being a manager of either an already established company or building my own. I plan to be very successful in the marketing and management aspect of business. Ready to let my degree take me to the places I need to go.

Do you have any tattoos or piercings?

I have 2 piercings , 2 tattoos..but u gotta guess where…

Your beauty can easily be intimidating, but have you ever been afraid before a shoot?

Oh man, I’m always afraid before a shoot but I pull myself together, try my best and learn from what I have already done to get together.

People would be surprised to know that _____?

I’m funny, silly, and can be shy at times

Your idea of relaxing is?

Laying on a beach w/ a cool drink and a good book.

You’ve got front row tickets to see your favorite artist. Who is it and why?

Front row? Gotta be Jay Z..I just know he would put on a great show and I appreciate his hard work and talent as a business man and an artist.

Your favorite getaway spot?

I haven’t had the opportunity to travel much so I would have to say right now, my favorite getaway spot is Miami and Antigua.

How does Hip Hop music impact your daily life and your work? Whats your favorite song of the moment?

Hip Hop music has impacted my entire life. I can’t even leave the house without my ipod. I listen to music everyday! Currently,  I do not have a favorite song but my 2 favorite albums as of right now is Rick Ross Teflon Don and Drake Thank Me Later..

What are your turnons?

Great sense of Humor, Honesty, Loyalty, Respect, and some nice toned arms! =]

What are your turnoffs?

Guys that assume they can touch my ass because of my modeling pics. I will break ya damn fingers right off ya hand!

What’s the craziest thing a fan has done to get your attention?

I was in the city walking and actually got followed a good 4 blocks until I signed a napkin for him!  ~Creepy much~

Who have you enjoyed working with the most? And name someone you would love to work with?

There honestly has not been one photographer that I enjoyed working with the most. I was more comfortable with some than others but I’ve shot with Ray Mitchell, Noxie Studios, Ace Photography, Lloyd Parks and IRS Studios. In the future I would love to work with Frank Hot Sauce and all those other great photographers that want to work with me…IM READY!

The most sensual shoot you’ve ever done and what made it so sexy?

The most sensual shoot Ive done has to be the bedroom shoot I did with Lloyd Parks. I was nervous but I trust his vision and judgement.

What should we expect to see you doing in the near future?

In the future, get ready to see me in videos, print, and even fashion shows. Don’t want to speak to much on it, just want to get it done!

Any parting words or people you would like to thank?

I will like to thank everyone who has supported me unconditionally throughout my modeling career. Your kind words and inspiration will never go unheard. I appreciate all the good and bad things that have happened in my life because I will only continue to grow more and learn as a woman. Never lose faith in me. Might become bigger than you actually think! Give me time, have patience, and know the Grind will Never end! *muah* Love you All.