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Mia Posh (Images Shot by @IkandybyIconik) @Lovelydream21

WELCOME TO 2014 !!!

This is a great story. We were contacted months ago by Mia’s husband who is stationed in the Middle East. He wanted to get his wife some modeling exposure and reached out via email about Mia to get her a shoot and some features online. Well here ‘s the catch, Mia is on the West Coast and Kushions reside in NY. So Kushions made the call to get her shot by our favorite California photographer, Mr. Ricky Fontaine @ikandybyiconik. (Mr. Fontaine needs to email me asap) The set posted below debuted on GGurls.com, which is by the numbers, the top Eye Candy website (at least for pictures we say). Rarely do we agree to post pictures that are already on a similar site but Mia is well worth it! It goes to show that having your spouse’s support as a model will definitely work in your favor. Enjoy and happy New Year from KUSHIONSRUS.COM


MiaPosh (4) MiaPosh (3) MiaPosh (2) MiaPosh (1)