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Josie aka RicanBombshell

Height: 5’3″

Measurements: 34C-27-38

Nationality: Puerto Rican

Hometown: Puerto Rico

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Brown






Q: How did you get into modeling?

A: I have been modeling for a couple years now. Everything started back in P.R. were I used to work as a bartender, then I started working for promotion agencies and from there I continued doing car shows, So I guess one thing led me to another.


Q: What ads or videos have you appeared in?

A: I had the opportunity to work with local artists from the Virginia and DC area. I also did a phone card commercial for my Latin community and some local commercials for local stores.

Q: What type of shoots do you enjoy the most?

I enjoy every work that I do, but I guess I’m more into glamour shoots. It gives me the chance to show more of my sex appeal 😉



Q: What features of yours attracts the most attention?

A: I will say my personality, although guys might pay more attention to physical assets.



Q: If you could pick a location to do a photo shoot where would you pick?

A: I enjoy both scenarios outdoors and photo sessions inside the studio.


Q: What is something people do not know about you?

A: I like to clean ears, it’s not a fetish thing or anything but I can’t stand dirty ears… Yuck!


Q: What type of men are you attracted to?

A: Smart, funny, well groomed, ambitious men.


Q: The sexiest outfit you have in your closet is………..


A: A Beautiful pair of heels.


Q: I see on your twitter (@Ricanbombshell) that you like to give out sex advice. What is some advice you would like to give out to our readers?

A: I am very open minded about sex that’s why I talk about it. An easy advice will be, “Treat others like you want to be treated” this applies for many situations but also apply deeply inside the bedroom. If you like to be kissed, go ahead and start that kiss session, If you like to be touched, let your hands be curious, if you like received oral, well go DOWN! Etc. Believe your partner will appreciate it and will be more likely that he/she will return the favor.


Q: What are your turnons?

A: I like an aggressive man and I also enjoy rough games. I like to see in his eyes how bad he wants me and love to hear it also.




Q: Favorite position?

A: Doggy style


Q: I know you must get a lot of attention. What was one of your craziest requests from a fan of yours?

A: This guy offers me money for my panties but he wanted them been used lol



Q: What projects do you have coming up that we can find you in?

A: In the spring you will see me in Cred Mag, Stunnaz Mag and Strapped Men Mag to mention a few.