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Juicey Adoir “The Hoodrat Slayer”

Height: 5″8
Measurements: 36-27-42
Nationality: Creole/German
Hometown: Columbus,Ohio
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Booking Info (twitter, facebook, agent. etc) ::Agent Cream Adoir 614-374-4041, email: juiceyadoir@gmail.com ,Facebook : Juicey “TheHoodRatSlayer” Adoir

Q: How did you get into modeling?

I attended a Yo Gotti concert in Columbus,Oho on Sunday December 26th, 2010. One of the photographers in club snapped a pic and posted it on Facebook. Someone tagged me in pic and another photographer happened to see it and scouted me out. I received an in box message requesting a photo shoot. It sounded like fun so I agreed to it.

It was a lot of fun and the pics turned out great! The very next day I began receiving phone calls, emails and requests. If anyone would like great pictures check out Columbus Ohio Photographer Derrick Blakely 1-614-440-0645.

Q: Growing up were you a female who constantly got attention?

Ummmm…. I guess so, but this question kind of troubles me. I never sought attention. My focus is and always will be on money and success. Not really sure what the point of attention is. Unless your paying me. I hope that doesn’t come off wrong, but I will let you know how I feel. However, sometimes you get the attention, even though it is not your goal, because people are taking notice to what you are doing.

Q:  So where did this tag name “Hoodrat Slayer” come from?

It came from a much much much Higher Authority. It did not come from me. I take credit for nothing. I don’t know if I necessarily agree with the name. It gives a negative intonation as if I’m really murdering bytches out here and that is not the case. People whom follow my blogs, twitter, facebook etc, and people whom truly know me, know and understand the message which is being communicated is “Death To Ghetto Mentality”.

I think WE as a people have gotten away from goals of higher education, loyalty, love and success. You look at our youth today and see an absolute crisis. Y’all muthafukkas can pretend to be deaf, dumb, blind and stupid to the fact that our youth is in a crisis, but I will not. I will preach self respect, focus, goals, finance. earning, physical fitness, positive thinking, motivation to anyone whom will listen. Its is more about healing a mindset and ceasing activities that do not benefit us personally or as a group. I have no intent to actually separate a bytchez head from a bytchez neck ( OR DOOO I ??? MUUUHAAAHAAAHAA DRACULA VOICE LOL)

Q: What ads or videos have you appeared in?

I have appeared in nothing. Okay, well I take that back, my local radio station Power 107.5 has shown me love a few times and made me “City’s Angel of the week”. I also was selected for weekly “We Bleed Hip Hop Dyme” on the website http://www.webleedhiphop.com . Other than that, not a damn thing, lol. I would like to point out that I have had a few houses, a fleet of cars, a couple businesses and a Gucci Purse before I ever had a professional photo shoot. Calm down people, I’m not bragging, i’m just saying that I always pursued money and education. I just never pursued modeling.

I do hands down give much love and respect to the very beautiful and sexy females out here in the modeling game. I give you all the credit in the world for what you do. I see how tough it is with the janky photographers, janky promoters, janky magazines, janky club owners, janky managers, janky websites, muthafukkas trying to sell you a dream, muthafukkas just tryin to fukk, muthafukkas tryin to play you on your money…the list just goes on and on… You never really know who to trust. Except, your own squadron of course. Other than that, its real “dog eat dog” out there in the modeling industry.

So with that being said, I see what you beautiful ladies are going through and I’m choosing to go a different way. I have another tactic. I’m trying to keep the bullshyt to a minimum, with all attention focused directly on where the paper is.

Q: What type of shoots do you enjoy the most?

The shoots I enjoy the most are the ones when my sisters Cream Adoir and Nataani Adoir are either in or at least on set. They are truly beautiful young ladies with great personalities and a sense of humor, we have fun everywhere we go!

Q: What features of yours attract the most attention?

My mentality. I have a total bad bytch, boss bytch mentality. I have been perfecting it since birth. I understand the science. I am too much for a basic bytch. My bad bytchez will feel me. My boss nuccaz will love me. And the haters will fear me. You have absolutely no idea what I am capable of, or what Im going to do next.

Q: If you could pick a location to do a photo shoot where would you pick?

I would choose penthouse suite, kitchen scene. My boss bytch feet kicked up in stiletto heels with red toe nail polish. A money counting machine on the table and stacks of cash sitting out around it. Of course, I’d be wearing something sexxxy, with my MAC R.E.D. lipstick on. My blonde hair would be long, down and in big pin curls. I might throw a couple of bad bytchez in there with me for some added flavor.

My second choice would be on a beach somewhere beautiful and exotic. With a couple of bad bytchez with me, of course.

Q: What is something people do not know about you?

Without telling you all my secrets, I think “what people do not know about me” is the fact that im soooo far not on the bullshyt involved in modeling. Meaning, if it brings money into my household, then YES, by all means, you will see me working from time to time in the modeling industry.  However, I’m am completely in love and focused on the business side of things. I see several flaws in the way business is being conducted in several aspects. I’m working very hard, I’m educating myself, I’m studying daily, working out daily and lastly, I’m making moves for changing a few things for the better around here.

Q: What type of men and or women are you attracted to?

I’m attracted to the bossy type of course. The focused type. The self motivated type.

Q: What was the most memorable pick up line you have heard?

Will you go to prom with me? I thought it was kind of cute.

Q: The sexiest outfit you have in your closet is_________________________________.

A dress by Columbus based designer Kevin B.

Q: What would be your perfect photo shoot?

The one that brought in the most money.

Q: What projects do you have coming up that we can find you in?

You might catch me in a board room hosting a meeting or listening to others pitch me ideas. Or you might catch me in a magazine. More than likely both. What I do know for sure, is that I am working on a clothing line which I am very excited about. I am also hosting a “Bikini Battle” in my hometown Columbus, Ohio this Spring. I will be appearing in a video for rap artist Rikk Reighns New Mixtape dropping April 2nd titled “Bytch Im Local”. My team is strong, I am more than happy to be here. I feel blessed. Thank you for the taking the time to interview me.
-Juicey “The HoodRatSlayer” Adoir

Melrose Foxxx

Currently Reside:California
Ethnic Background:Black/Creole

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/MELROSEFOXXX
Website: http://www.MELROSE-FOXXX.blogspot.com a pay site is in construction as we speak with a lot of never before seen footage.

I’ve read that you are from New Orleans, can you tell us how were you discovered?

I was in college and my friend Nat Turnher asked me to do a scene as a favor for him, and at that time I wanted to get some extra money to pay for my studies so I decided to do it.

What inspired you to pursue making adult films?

Well the scene was only suppose to be just a one time thing and I found out that I actually enjoyed it and everything moved on from there. I’m pretty sure everyone is happy that I did, since they all seem to have my dvds. Lol

Can you tell us when you became sexually aware and what have you learned about yourself since you started?

Always knew about sex but didn’t act on it till I was 17. I learned that I loved sex and the different ways others can get me off.

Which of your features attract the most attention?

My ass and Lips. Now my breasts are becoming a bedroom topic. All Natural Baby.

What do you enjoy most about your work?

I love the fact that I get to travel and meet a lot of new people of various backgrounds.

What are some of your credits?

Oh man, there are about over 40 of them. I’ll leave it up to the readers to google me and see how loved I am. Remember that’s 3 X’s. Lol. You can catch me in a newer series coming out called “Destiny Dreams of Stars”

Do you have a fetish?

Matter of fact I do. I like being choked during sex. Not just by anyone though. (In Chris Rock Voice “SECURITYYYYY” 🙂 Lol.

Do you have any tattoos or piercings? And what do your tattoos mean?

Matter of Fact I do. About 3. Dragon and Snakes cause I love the mystic artwork and one of Jesus on a Cross for my spirituality.fo

We can imagine your sexiness intimidating your co-star, but have you ever been nervous or intimidated before a scene?

Nervous before each scene, but I am never intimidated.

People would be surprised to know that ___________?

Im a TomBoy and I love Physical Sports.

Your idea of relaxing is?

Laying on a beach naked letting the sun’s rays touch every inch of me. (Get your mind out the Gutter. Lol 🙂

How do you maintain the balance between performing during a scene and actually letting go and enjoying?

I always enjoy myself or I wouldn’t be doing this anymore. I like to connect with people on a basis of understanding and respect. If we can laugh and see eye to eye we have a better chance at making a better scene. I always give 125%. #WINNING

Your favorite getaway spot?

Miami, but I’m waiting to go overseas.

How does Hip Hop music impact your daily life and your work? Whats your favorite song of the moment?

It really doesn’t. I like it, but I also listen to other genres as well. Gotta be versatile this day and age. My favorite song is still Dueces by Chris Brown and Tyga.

What are your turnons?

Confidence, Role Play and Foreplay

What are your turnoffs?

Primarily negativity, Jealousy, Drama and Non-Aggressive Men

What’s the craziest thing a fan has done to get your attention?

Sending massive amounts of Dick Pics. (S/N: Im a Porn Star I don’t need to see it if its not in a scene)

Who have you enjoyed working with the most? And name someone you would love to work with?

I definitely enjoyed working with Jada Fire. As for who I would love to work with…hmmm… definitely Della Donna. I do know that I also look forward to making the hottest Girl-Girl scene with Roxy Reynolds for my Foxxx Tales XXX Series.

What would you consider to be your specialty sexually?

Everything I do is done with precision. My head skills are on point. I’m a Pro. Lol.

Can you tell us what positions and scenarios give you the most pleasure?

Missionary definitely does.  As far as scenarios, lets just get naked. Lol.

Any parting words, thank yous or shout outs?

Ladies make sure you satisfy your man to the fullest. Make him want to run home right after work. Lol

Well I would like to thank you, the staff of Kush Dvd for choosing me for this interview. I had fun with it. Shout out to my camp and management SoSincere Entertainment and Ceo Anthony B. To all the fans who have been showing love all this time. Make sure yall contact the clubs in your cities and request my solo tour “I’M YOUR FANTASY Foxxx” also the DOUBLE PLAY XXX TOUR featuring me and my sexy sis Jayla Starr. Be sure to vote for me for the Urban X Awards http://urbanxawards.com for “Best Female Performer of the Year” and “Orgasmic Oralist”

Oh yeah, and keep on the look out for my upcoming “FOXXX TALES XXX SERIES” DVDs.

Simply Medgie

Measurements: 36C-28-32
Hometown:Brooklyn, New York
Currently Reside: Brooklyn, New York
Ethnic Background: Haitian-American

You aspire to be an actress and are using modeling as a vehicle to get there, what kind of acting jobs interest you?

Yes, I have been using modeling as a vehicle to breaking into the acting field. But like a vehicle, when you decide to take a ride or a trip, you have to know in which direction you’re traveling in, what route you’re going to take to get to your destination, how long it may take you get to your destination, and you have to be fully aware behind the wheel or you may get lost on your trip numerously. And that’s pretty much how I would sum up the two – modeling and acting! This is the path I’ve decided to take for myself and only time will tell if my vehicle makes it to Success Street. Oh, (laughs) I’m interested in everything– comedy, drama, action– even some sci-fi! I want to dip and dab in everything! You have to have a very big imagination to be an actor…– I’m a Pisces and imagination is my forte!

Your heritage is Haitian, do you speak French or Creole and would you consider acting in a French or Creole speaking role?

Actually, If I may say so my self– My Creole is on Pizzont! I speak Creole fluently and I can read and write it as well… my French— (laughs) It may need more practice! I clearly understand it better than I speak it– But I got a B in french class, so I guess I could survive if I had to in France. I would love to act in French or Creole! Why not! Let’s do it all!

You have an outstanding shape on a slim frame, where do the curves come from and how do you stay in shape?

Honestly.. I get it from my momma! I look at her pictures when she was my age– and that woman was the one! My dad lucked out! Only my mothers derriere is way more voluptuous then mine! (laughs) How do I stay in shape?? (laughs) Wow! Honestly, (don’t get mad ladies)… I don’t work out! It’s in the genes I guess! I eat rice everyday all day… I do want to go to the gym though– and work out my stomach– I want a 6 pack! (laughs) And stress plays an important role on my figure, so I try not to stress myself out!

How do you keep your acting skills sharp, are there people out there that you have fooled and don’t know it?

(laughs) I use my family & friends as guinea pigs… I’m always putting on a show for them! Always causing a scene, always making them laugh, always in and out of numerous characters! But of course you know that doesn’t cut it– so I make sure to take classes in the city on occasions to better my craft. I take seminars. And I watch television. I watch a lot of television! I watch and dissect what I see them do, and I incorporate that into my craft.

What kind of shoots/work do you enjoy the most?

Honestly, I love hair magazine shoots! Something about it– Ever since I booked my first gig with a hair mag– it’s been my favorite and what I enjoy the most.

What are some of your modeling credits?

Just to name a few, I can be seen in music video with entertainers such as Jadakiss, Ne-Yo, Jim Jones, Lloyd Banks, 50 Cent, Maino. I’ve toured with Katt Williams. Numerous Hype Hair and Braids & Beauty tear sheets and features in magazines. I’ve been featured as an extra films such as Spider-Man 3 and Notorious. I’ve had ads running with the NYC MTA..Been on BET Behind the scenes, Making the Video. I even auditioned for Americas Next Top Model– By Tyra wasn’t feeling me, I guess! (laughs)

You took time off from modeling to finish school, tell us what you studied and why?

First off, this is for my models– mainly my video vixen ladies! They don’t respect us in this industry! We sell and portray sex appeal! I just happen to sell it, with a lot more class then the average! A pretty face and nice body doesn’t complete the package! Finish school! Get an education! I was always in and out of school– but I knew that I wanted to finish– simply because I love standing out from the rest, and I knew it will benefit me in the long run! And if by some fatal tragedy my plan A doesn’t work I always have a plan B to fall back on! Plan B ladies! Plan B! (I know you ladies are familiar with Plan B– <laughs>) I studied Broadcasting and Communications– Radio and Television… (laughs) I’m determined one way or the next, to do exactly what it is I love to do!

Do you have any tattoos or piercing’s?

Yes! I have a few tattoos… of course you can easily see them in my pictures! Besides my ear lobes being pierced, my belly button is.

Your beauty can easily be intimidating, but have you ever been afraid before a shoot?

My beauty intimidating– wow! I don’t want that to be a compliment! (laughs) I hope I don’t intimidate people, at least not with my beauty…. people usually tell me it’s my head strong and aggressive personality that intimidates them! That I take pride in! (Laughs) No… I’m never scared before a shoot! Nervous maybe, But always excited and anxious to see if I produce something more spectacular then the last!

People would be surprised to know that ___________?

(laughs)… Oh Geesh… embarrassing moment… People would be surprised to know that I suck my thumb still– like a big baby and all!

We consider a kushion to be a woman that is strong enough to hold her own, but soft enough to be held by a man. Tell us about your strong and soft sides.

(laughs) Who came up with these questions?… (laughs) Ummm… my strong and soft sides— I mean I’m a tough cookie… but I’m sweet, genuine, and caring. I love easily which can be a downfall at times… I’m a pathetic romantic, and I love to express my feelings as well. I think there is always room for strength where I’m concerned– you get no where in the real world being a softie! I feel bad for the potential next man I’m involved with– it ain’t going to be an easy task at hand for him.

You’ve got front row tickets to see your favorite artist. Who is it and why?

Lil Wayne… which is funny… because the last time I saw him was when he came to the Hammerstien Ballroom in New York, which is why he’s serving time right now in Rikers.. So, Weezy I can understand how you feel about not wanting to come back and perform in New York… but we love you! So you have to– it only makes sense! (laughs) That man is sick with it… each and every track– album— he’s just sick with it! what’s the word?— ILL!!

What females do you consider to be sex symbols and why?

Is this a trick question? (laughs)… Beyonce, Rihanna, Tyra, Halle Berry, Ciara, Nikki Minaj… of course Michelle Obama! (laughs) You really don’t need me to explain why these ladies are sex symbols… it’s really self explanatory!

How does Hip Hop music impact your daily life and your work? What’s your favorite song of the moment?

I’m an 80’s baby! Hip Hop is my life! Right now the artists on my ipod are Nikki Minaj, Rick Ross, Eminem, Lil Wayne, Drake, TI, Trey Songs, J Cole, Joel Ortiz– that boy crack!

Tell us the best line you’ve heard from a guy trying to get your attention?

“Damn Lord you work fast!” “Last night I prayed for him to send me an angel– and here you are. Amen!” (laughs)… The things they say!

I’ve read that you have faked 50% of your orgasms, how does a man know when he’s really taken care of you sexually?

Oh– he knows! believe me he knows! And between me and you– I’ve only shared numerous orgasms with 1 man– so he def knows that he’s taken care of me sexually!

What’s the craziest thing a fan/admirer has done to get your attention?

You know… I haven’t encountered a crazy fan as of yet… Thank God! And I pray that I don’t.

Who have you enjoyed working with the most? And name someone you would love to work with?

I would have to say that I’ve enjoyed working with Katt Williams the most…. let me just say, Katt Williams is misunderstood… (laughs) But I enjoyed it! It was fun and a crazy experience that I would probably never do again! I would actually love to work with Hype Williams and Jerry Bruckheimer…. Oh yea baby! I’ve got big plans!

The most sensual shoot you’ve ever done and what made it so sexy?

The pictures for this feature was a sensual shoot to me. There’s something about blonde hair that turns a girl around (laughs) I just might remain a blonde for a little bit longer… they really do have more fun then your average!

Build your soul mate from scratch and tell us what he’s made of?

My soul mate– he’s out there! I’ve found him already.. only our gravitational pull hasn’t aligned up correctly yet, so we’re both still floating around. He’s handsome, smart, caring, ambitious, motivated, physically fit and built, loving, devoted, family-oriented, and of course GOD-fearing!

Any parting words or people you would like to thank?

(Laughs) of course I would like to thank you, first and foremost for having me… and taking the time to interview me, as well as taking a liking to me and my work. So, I thank you! I would of course like to thank the fans for sticking it out with me thru the years, and continuing to do so– I promise not to fail you. My friends and family that have supported me and my dreams from day one! I love you guys! I would love to thank Island Boy Photography– whom I owe the credits for these wonderful pictures for the interview! And all the other photographers, make-up artists, stylists which I’ve worked with in the past that has helped shaped my career. Live, Laugh, Love people! Life is to short to worry about what doesn’t matter! Respect yourself, respect others! If you can dream it- you can achieve it! Don’t walk over people, walk around them! And no one can love you, better than you may love yourself! Place GOD first and everything else will fall into place naturally!