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Straight Stuntin Magazine Video Drop

Featuring Jhonni Blaze, Wankeago, Maliah Michel, and Bubbles the Model

Jhonni Blaze

Maliah Michel


Bubbles The Model


G Unit Riderz 2012 Calendar Search

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Vanity Billz Returns

Measurements: 36A-30-45
Hometown: Bedstuy Brooklyn
Currently Reside: Brooklyn/South Bronx
Ethnic Background: mixed (Bahamas & Panama)

Website: coming soon

1st Off Welcome Back Vanity! Briefly tell the people about your experiences dealing with the KUSH family.

Glad to be back on deck with ya’ll, and to be honest my experience has been a great one. Working with my kush fam has always been a fun yet productive experience

Since we last interviewed, your work rate has exploded! Tell the readers about some of the many places they can see you now.

Since our last interview i’ve been on gin tv dvd , twoneys.com, barsdvd.com, ihiphop.com, ecstasymodels.ning.com, bubbleshakemagazine.com, cherri colada magazine’s 1st print issue, mydirtyhotelroom.com , sexyasswomen.com as well as a few videos yet to be released.

How does your height and size affect your choice in men/women? Do you have a preference in size?

My height and size doesn’t really affect who I’m dating normally i stick to a certain preference but recently I’ve switched my views on it

You have a website in development, can you tell us about and what we can expect to see on it?

Yes currently I’m working on my site which shall be a double site. For anybody who’s been following my work  they would know me as Treasur’e as well. so on the site you can expect to see Treasur’e which is the more softer mellow side and Vanit’y which has more edge at there best so expect the unexpected i love to shock so i can promise the site is worth the wait

You have an outstanding hourglass figure, where do the curves come from?

The curves run in my family so i guess from there

Which of your features attract the most attention?

Ummm my lips and ass are the main features people look at then the shape of my eyes

What do you enjoy most about your work?

Lol everything, i love to network with people that are doing productive moves and the different personalities i meet make it work it

Since the last interview you have guest hosted KushRadio’s Ladies Nite, what is like being the one asking the questions?

It’s a fun but different feeling that i can always look forward to

I’ve noticed that you network with a lot of people in the urban industry, how do you remain neutral and focused with so much drama swirling around?

I don’t really get into the dramatics of this game i make sure i handle my business and everything i do is on point so there’s no room for anything else but my family keeps me grounded

Do you have any tattoos or piercings? And what do your tattoos mean?

Yea i have umm 9 tattoos and 4 piercings. i have my birth sign which is the twin symbol it shows the double sides to me, my name in Chinese,  a star which is self explaining,and my favorite animal, a white tiger on my arm representing strength

Your beauty can easily be intimidating, but have you ever been nervous or intimidated before?

There have been plenty of times I’ve been nervous or intimidated but I’m learning how to handle that

People would be surprised to know that ____?

Im still a student and still hang where i grew up

Your idea of relaxing is?

Umm a full day of sex lmao nah a day i can actually turn my cell off

You’ve got front row tickets to see your favorite artist. Who is it and why?

Lil Kim & Trina growing up i only really listened to their music shit….i still got all Lil Kim’s cds

Your favorite getaway spot?


How does Hip Hop music impact your daily life and your work? Whats your favorite song of the moment?

Im surrounded by rap music more an more an i can say i love it plus music plays a major part in my job. My genre i love would be r&b and rap and my favorite song right now is replay

What are your turnons?

Aggression , a(woman with) fat ass, scent, plus convo and brains

What are your turnoffs?

Liars, being unreliable

What’s the craziest thing a fan/admirer has done to get your attention?

Lol umm i had 2 situations! 1 was ova 400 phone calls and filling my voice mail, and the other was popping out of the bushes on me

Who have you enjoyed working with the most? And name someone you would love to work with?

So far everybody I’ve worked with so far have been great an a pleasure working with alot of people interest me as far as business goes  i wouldn’t know where to begin on who would be next

The most sensual thing you’ve ever done?

My last video was the most sensual thing ever

With a background in dancing, does that special someone get the occasional striptease, or is that a work only benefit?

Lol when it comes to my other half it goes down they can get what they want on EVERY occasion

Any parting words, thank yous or shoutouts?

Much love to my kush family for always holding me down, sexyassladies.com, tsj studios, my swagg fam ,cherri colada savannah (my new stylist), and every site that featured me as well as photographer ive worked with so far i got a lot of work coming courtesy of yall if i forgot anyone im sorry but trust it’s all love

Pretty – Nikki Rich Models

Measurements: 34B-27-38, height 5″6, 128lbs
Hometown: Trinidad
Currently Reside: Brooklyn NY
Ethnic Background: Trinidad
Twitter: Pr3ttydamod3l
How were you discovered?

Just by putting myself out there and meeting the right people led me to where Im at

What inspired you to pursue modeling?

I figured I would follow my two dreams which were dancing and modeling

You have an outstanding hourglass figure, where do the curves come from and how do you stay in shape?

I was born with the curves and I rarely exercise honestly

What kind of shoots/work do you enjoy the most?

All besides nudity….I love what I do

What are some of your credits?

I’ve done 2 video shoots for upcoming artists, bridal, lingerie, christmas and fashion photo shoots, and also a radio interview

Tell us some of your long term goals….

Basically just be able to make my dreams come true and make it somewhere in life

Do you have any tattoos or piercings?

Yes I do…9 Tattoos and 5 piercings

Your beauty can easily be intimidating, but have you ever been afraid before a shoot?

Yes when I first started modeling, but I’ve gotten used to it

People would be surprised to know that___________?

Not even all the hate could keep me from reaching where I need to reach

Your idea of relaxing is?

Dancing and watching movies

You’ve got front row tickets to see your favorite artist. Who is it and why?

Well I dont have a favorite…but I will choose Beyonce because she loves to dance and is a diva like me

Your favorite getaway spot?

I would say California

How does Hip Hop music impact your daily life and your work? Whats your favorite song of the moment?

Hip hop is me, even when Im dancing….

What are your turnons?

A good kisser

What are your turnoffs?

Bad breath

What’s the craziest thing a fan has done to get your attention?

Follow me around for an entire party

Who have you enjoyed working with the most? And name someone you would love to work with?

I really cant say because I’ve enjoyed working with everybody! I would love to work with Black Mens Magazine

The most sensual shoot you’ve ever done and what made it so sexy?

I would say for ShyGirl Magazine… Because he (Steven Ward) made it feel so easy and comfortable

What should we expect to see you doing in the near future?

Well of course more features in magazines and videos and maybe even some dancing as well

Any parting words or people you would like to thank?

Just the people who had faith and believed in me the whole way and of course the haters..

Montana Rite

Measurements: 34c-26-44
Hometown: NYC
Currently Reside: NYC
Ethnic Background: African American

Twitter: www.Twitter.com/MontanaRite
Myspace: www.myspace.com/damn_montana_rite
Website: www.MontanaRite.com

You have a website of your own in development, tell us what people can expect to see on www.MontanaRite.com?

The people can expect to see pure sexiness, erotica, & elusive images from the pictures to the videos…I will also include some of my writings because I want the people to get a better feel of me….

Your complexion is a lovely brown and there seems to be a shortage of ladies of your skin-tone in the industry, how has this affected your approach to modeling?

Us chocolate women have always had it a bit harder in the world, not only in this industry. I’m very comfortable & happy in my own skin, it just makes me work harder to make the world chocolate lovers 😉

Your story is unique because your first shot at print exposure was not only a major magazine but the cover! Tell us how you got there so quickly?

I actually submitted my pics to quite a few magazines and never received any feedback. So one day while on Myspace I saw that Dj Kay Slay was online. I wrote him a message stating that I liked the movement he has going on that gives amateur models a shot at their dreams. Surprisingly he responded back with a number & an email address. I called and we spoke about not receiving feedback & how i felt that maybe it was because of my darker skin-tone. At the time I only saw light skinned and Latina women getting heavy features in magazines. So after that conversation, I was told to email some images and I did. He felt I had potential so we set up a shoot with Frank Antonio. The shoot went pretty well and then I got the news that Straight Stuntin embraces all complexions…Chocolate was & is in, maybe not to all magazine but to this one. I’m eternally grateful for that opportunity.

What was it like after the cover dropped? When did you realize you were being recognized and how did you deal with that?

After the cover dropped things got a little weird because people that I haven’t spoke to in years started to resurface and they were the very same people who doubted me. I still live a normal life though. Most of the time when someone notices me it’s in the club. I look different during the day, I wear glasses when I work & dress down so no one really recognizes me that often.

The stereotype for Brooklyn girls is street smart,sassy,sexy and strong do you agree? And what did we leave out of your description?

Yes I hear that amongst other things! But I’m very versatile. I’m spunky, book-smart, goofy, laid-back & pretty humble.

How were you discovered?

I would say I was discovered through Myspace, but my follow up was on the Straight Stuntin Model Appreciation Annual Boat-ride.

What inspired you to pursue modeling?

I love all avenues of modeling from print, high fashion, runway, glam-our, and catalog, modeling as a whole is an art form I adore.

You have an amazing athletic toned hourglass figure, where do the curves come from and how do you stay in shape?

My mom was curvy even after she had me her body was still breathtaking….I have great genes but I do workout to make sure I stay toned. Thanks to Baseline Sport (Scott) the toughest trainer out shheeesh lol…

What kind of shoots/work do you enjoy the most?

I have fun with all my shoots really but artistic shoots interest me the most.

Models are made to be sexy, but what about Montana Rite makes you feel sexy the most?

The fact that I remain true to myself, I do what works for me…To me being yourself is as sexy as it gets!!!

Tell us some of your long term goals….

I would love to do voice-overs for cartoons, it’s a weird talent that I have! I also have a vision of starting a youth center for young girls ages 12-21.

Do you have any tattoos or piercings?

Yes I have both. 4 sets of lips coming up my thigh, & another on the small of my back. As far as piercings, my tongue, navel, and nipples are done.

Beautiful women like you often unknowingly intimidate or make people shy, but have you ever been afraid/nervous before a shoot?

I think the only shoot I was extremely nervous doing was for my 1st publication, and mainly because I knew it would be distributed all around & it was my debut.

People would be surprised to know that ___________?

I was a dominatrix before lol

What is your favorite movie or book?

One of my favorite books is “The Art of Seduction”.

You’ve got front row tickets to see your favorite artist. Who is it and why?

Right I would say Lady Gaga, I love how she just serves it & doesn’t care what people think. Self expression Babyyyy

Your favorite getaway spot?

My favorite getaway spot would have to be Cancun.

How does Hip Hop music impact your daily life and your work? Whats your favorite song of the moment?

I love all types of music but Hip Hop is definitely a part of my everyday life. I listen to music EVERYDAY, my favorite song at the moment is Drake feat. Young Jeezy, “Unforgettable”.

Tell us what a person must have to excite Montana Rite?

To excite me you must stimulate my mind, and if you can capture that everything else will fall into place.

And of course what are some things that turn Montana Rite off?

My turn offs are nagging, bad hygiene & being disrespectful.

What’s the craziest thing a fan/admirer/ex has done to get your attention?

Lol the craziest thing was someone was leaving notes at my job every day for 2 months straight.

Who have you enjoyed working with the most? And name someone you would love to work with?

I enjoyed working with Frank Antonio. He’s professional, quick, straight to the point with the shoots & the shots come out great. I’d love to work with Facet Studio, His work is amazing to say the least.

What should we expect to see you doing in the near future?

My most recent feature is in Stunnaz Magazine, which dropped in October look out for that. I’m also working on some skits for a demo to submit to an agent and hopefully get into the cartoon industry, and of course my website www.montanarite.com which also launched in October.

Any parting words or people you would like to thank?

I would like to thank Kush DVD for the interview & having me on the show. Thanks to all the people who support & show me love I appreciate it all. Big shout to my Straight Stuntin family, Gorgeous Magazine for my latest feature & Stunnaz Magazine for what’s to come.


Measurements: 34-27-43
Hometown: Queens
Currently Reside: Brooklyn
Ethnic Background: Black/Cherokee Indian

Twitter: @NaturalAllday
Facebook: NaturalAllday
Website:  Currently on www.modelmayhem.com/natural100

How were you discovered?

Well I met Kush DVD from networking and grinding through FB and Twitter and then they contacted me.

What inspired you to pursue modeling?

My love for fashion, I love everything about modeling because for me its a form of being creative and expressing yourself and clearly everyone in my family draws and I can’t lol. I pursued acting first it, but it didn’t take off as quick.

You have an outstanding hourglass figure, where do the curves come from and how do you stay in shape?

Well thank you & my curves I must give thanks to GOD and my mother although I stole hers…lol  ((sighs)) as far as keeping in shape I can admit I need a personal trainer & self discipline  but as for now water and small meal portions… smh

Which of your features attract the most attention?

Wow.. its a battle between my ass & face! Lol if I gotta choose my ass won!!

What kind of shoots/work do you enjoy the most?

I enjoy glamor, fashion and concept shoots! I hope to book commercial and print ad work, tear-sheets etc. I Love it all as long as it’s within my limits… 😉

What are some of your credits ?

Well I’ve done about 10 fashions shows this year between  NJ and  NY. I’ve hosted events and artist in-store signings like Trey Songz. I’ve done about 6 or 7 upcoming artist videos, other promotional jobs and I also do make-up which I’ve recently done for author Terese Smauldon. Just grinding to get me noticed & more paid jobs because I am definitely worth it.

Tell us some of your long term goals….

My long term goals are to become successful period no matter what I do! What do I love to do.. besides modeling, I love shopping and fashion so I want to pursue my degree in Fashion Merchandising & Mgmt. I want to eventually start a few businesses and definitely help other models reach their goals.

Do you have any tattoos or piercings?

Yeah I have 4 tattoos; my daughter’s name my 1st, 2nd SexyMa the name I got before thinking to model, 3rd Aquarius on my neck which didn’t hurt at all and 4th was my foot with a vine of rainbow hearts!! That shit hurt by the way!! Lol

Your beauty can easily be intimidating, but have you ever been afraid/intimidated before a shoot?

Ummm not really !! At first I refused to wear makeup and that didn’t work, I’ve never been to a modeling school or signed with an agency so everything I do is me trying to perfect it Naturally. I can definitely say now I am much more confident than in the beginning and now know what I do/don’t wanna represent in the modeling industry. I don’t judge what others do but I know myself and I am not easily persuaded, I’ve been told I won’t make it and that’s just another opinion in one ear out the other.

People would be surprised to know that ___________?

My sexual preference is women and that I have a daughter.

Your idea of relaxing is?

Lol… since I know whats good for me I’ll just say watching a good movie in my bed :) if you know me or get to, then you know the rest.

You’ve got front row tickets to see your favorite artist. Who is it and why?

Hmmmm that’s hard but I would say T.I because he’s a very inspirational rapper I love his music, personality and he’s REAL and that’s hard to find!!

Your favorite getaway spot?

Anywhere my sister @MaraSkyeDesigns is at…currently GA which is perfect!!

How does Hip Hop music impact your daily life and your work? Whats your favorite song of the moment?

Wow Hip Hop and music as a whole impacts me in so many ways… I am good at pinpointing great music and artists. I actually catch myself listening to Hip Hop more than R&B! Its the beats that get me goin and motivated! I love good music and my fav song is everything out that’s a good package like…

What are your turnons?

Intelligence, common sense, confidence, motivation & swag! When you contain all of those you have balance and a great foundation for a total package.

What are your turnoffs?

Ignorance, Close Minded individuals, people who can’t dress, haters or cocky people that just don’t qualify to behave in any way other than humble… lol oh & thirsty men. I feel if you got swag you shouldn’t have to chase anything not even your dreams!!

What’s the craziest thing a fan/admirer has done to get your attention?

Omg I was going into the bodega to get an Arizona Sweet tea and he came in and followed me to the fridge and says “excuse me mam but who are you? You gotta be someone cause you just look too good… can I get your autograph?!” I just held my laugh and blush in and gently responded “I’m no celebrity yet hun I just model…” I thought that was cute and it gave me that boost like damn I can imagine when I really get it poppin in so many positive ways!

Who have you enjoyed working with the most? And name someone you would love to work with?

The most so far… I definitely gotta say KatWalk Katerers a company I just began working with in July. Their movement and intentions are GREAT!!  Hmmm I would love to work with my favorite model Esther Baxter or another new inspiration Bobbi Jo model/actress as far as a photographer, I wanna work with Maya Guez or Howard Huang their work is HOT!!

The most sensual shoot you’ve ever done and what made it so sexy?

I can’t say I’ve done your average sensual shoot but the most for me is doing a collab shoot for an upcoming male artist in 2pc lingerie and another female model. It was sexy because we had to portray we were jealous of his attention…lol and she got completely naked for it nothing raunchy… no further comment lol

What should we expect to see you doing in the near future?

Being in your favorite classy yet sexy videos, magazines, DVDs like KushDvd, videos as the principal girl, commercials and hopefully someday movies!!

Any parting words or people you would like to thank?

I would like to thank Kush DvD for granting me the opportunity to do this interview, GOD for getting me where I am today and accomplishing my goals one by one and everyone who I’ve worked with that has truly supported and put their best effort in working with me. Thank you keep ya swag up and GOD Bless!

Vanity Billz

Height: 5’8″

Weight: 170lbs

Hair Color: Red

Eyes: Gray

Booking Info:



Q: What got you into modeling?

A: My mom used to model when I was younger so it kind of got me influenced.

Q: What have you been featured in?

A: Dipsexxx Strippers Vs. Pornstars 2

cherri Colada Magazine

FBM iKandy Magazine

Twag Productions

Q: What has been your most memorable moment?

A: My 21st Birthday

Q: If you could produce your own movie, what would it be about?

A: LOL, Strip Clubs

Q: What type of men or women are you into?

A: I like a street smart dude (hood), and a sexy woman is a plus. Either way you have to have a good convo and be smart, plus look good and have something for yourself.

Q: What is your favorite position?

A: Don’t have one.

Q: What turns you on?

A: R&B music, something sexy. I’m Tims or Pumps. Someone that’s honest as well as a good cook and smells good. Being blunt is always a go for me.

Q: What turns you off?

A: Ignorance, drama, and liars.

Q: What are your best features?

A: My lips and my ass

Q: What is the sexiest outfit you have?

A: LOL, my little black dress and pumps.

Q: What is something people don’t know about you?

A: I’m highly rude but in a funny way.

Q: What do you do when you are not working?

A: I’m always working

Q: What is your favorite food?

A: Seafood

Q: What is the last movie you saw?

A: Twilight: New Moon.

Q: What are your plans for the furture?

A: In the future I am going to have more projects going as well as a Hair Salon.

Josi Marie

Hometown: Ruhengeri, Rwanda
Currently Reside: Brooklyn, NY
Ethnic Background: Rwandese

Twitter: @JosiMarie
Website: www.JosiMarie.com

Your heritage traces back to Rwanda, a country well documented for the genocide that took place there, how close to you personally do these issues resonate?

The genocide in Rwanda (1994) is definitely something that is still very close to me and is a part of me in many ways.  My family and I were in Rwanda during that time, and fled to seek refuge along with other Rwandans.  Witnessing, first hand, the violence, the killings, and how inhumane people can be, and also coming from a well off and comfortable lifestyle and, in an instant, finding myself living in a refugee camp for months, outside or in tents in Zaire, and eventually in poverty that seemed never ending in Kenya and Tanzania, is without a doubt something that has helped shape the person I am today.  An experience like that is definitely bound to take a toll on someone.  However, I believe it is how you rise above tragedies in life, no matter how big or small, that really matters; how you choose to let it affect the rest of your life, positively or negatively.  And in my case, being that I have faced the brutality of death, I have become relentless and hungry for so much more in life, and am motivated to do the most that I can and be the best that I can be.

Tell us about how your career in the entertainment industry began and what led to your change in direction?

I started performing, Rwandese traditional dance, in Kenya at the age of six, along with my older sister.  It was another way to help our family get by in Kenya, for we would get compensated in food (rice, beans, flour, etc) to take home to our families. We would perform for ‘rich’ and ‘important’ people, in competitions, concerts, etc.  After a while, being one of the youngest dancers, I was featured on the front page of a popular magazine in Kenya.  I loved entertainment from a young age, and moving to Ohio in 1999, I automatically fell into Hip Hop Dance, which led to attending showcases and performing, and eventually training for on camera performance at 16. I fell in love with Broadcasting.  As a sophomore, I decided to move to NYC right after graduating high school to pursue my dreams.  I did just that, with $28 and two suitcases. Falling into doing music videos, accidentally, almost, I realize that it really wasn’t for me, and I was going in a direction that I really had no passion for.  I did not want to be known for my looks. So I focused more on broadcasting again, attaining my radio show, hosting live events, interviews, etc. Jim Jones and the Byrdgang and 730 Dips family really helped me a great deal when I needed it the most during that time.

You are now the host of your own radio show, how did this come together and tell us more about the show…

I remember my father sent me a text message asking me what I was doing here, (in NY), and I automatically responded, “I’m going to get a Radio Show.” I was a bit skeptical as to whether or not I was ready, or if I would be accepted by people as a host, but at that moment, after the text message, I decided to go for it. I had visited the DTF Radio Station before and loved the people and the energy, and could see myself there.  With the help of many of my supporters and friends who actually campaigned for me to land a slot on DTF Radio in the next three days, and in that time, developing what i wanted my show to be about, I finally had meeting at the station and was granted a show!  The Josi Marie Show is a fun filled open forum talk show that discusses hot topics and issues that we face on a daily basis.  I also feature Models and Artists on the show for exclusive interviews.  The show is diverse and fresh from week to week and has something for everyone. I am very excited about the growth of the show and am working with some very creative young people on the show who make it even more unique!

Recently you organized the Ball With Vixens charity basketball game, tell us how it all came together and what your goals were?

Like a lot of my ideas, I came up with the idea while in bed!  Being that I had access to music video and urban models, i had always wanted to brin them together and do something fun! I wanted to promote unity in young women, and doing so and also helping raise awareness for an organization that helped other women, Women-In-Need.org seemed like too good of an idea to let die off.   I wanted these models , and young women overall, to be seen in a different light! I detest stereotypes, and a lot of the Urban models are stereotyped for many negative things. For them to be so actively involved and dedicated in the Ball With Vixens Charity Game, I believe so many people gained more respect for them, and young girls who watch way watch the ladies can see that there are other ‘cool’ things to be involved in, and that it was ‘cool’ to get involved in their communities. It definitely was not easy, but with the help and support of Jim Jones, Scott Furgeson, Eve Lora, Chris Rucker, the models, media, staff for the game, sponsors and supporters, the end result was well worth the hard work!

What does the future hold for the Ball With Vixens movement, any events or games in the coming future?

Many of the girls definitely have requested that we continue with the new found movement! During the preparation for the game, we built some lifelong friendships an support groups within he Ball With Vixens family.  will definitely be more Ball With Vixens games and events in the future!  I would like to do a game each summer for Charity.  Judging from the way people responded to it, it is bound to get bigger and bigger each year! I am very excited about the growth that this movement will have, and how it will positively affect women and our communities!

You have championed for charitable causes and developed a network for ladies in the industry to communicate and share ideas and experiences, was this always your intention?

Giving back to the needy has always been something that was important to me. While in Africa, although we lived in poverty, I was still able to attend private schools because people helped us.  And in moving to America, with the help of many good Samaritans, I was fortunate enough to continue with a Catholic private school education that promoted charitable work.  Since I was not killed in the genocide, and survived so many near death experiences, and living in both extremely rich and extremely poor conditions, I believe I have been blessed with the life I have now for a purpose. Since someone helped me, it is only right that I help others as much as I can.  It just so happened to be that I had the network of ladies from the days when I was involved in music videos, and some of them were as passionate about giving back as I was.

How long did it take for you to be taken seriously as a host/personality?

That is a question that I had never really thought about much.  I was nervous at first about being a host/personality, but then I figured, the best way to be accepted as a host or personality overall, is to be myself.  I believe that as I continue to grow as a personality, and as I get more and more comfortable with myself as I develop into a more wholesome woman, people will decide for themselves whether or not to take me seriously.  The thing is, I take myself seriously along with everything that I do, so I feel that if that is the energy I am releasing in the universe, I will get the same back.  I am also aware of the fact that not everyone will take you seriously, but that is also alright with me; I respect everyone’s stance.

What were some of the obstacles you overcame as you transitioned to your current status?

I went through a lot of challenges to be where I am today, and I still go through life’s challenges to this day.  Since I moved to New York City with basically no money and no place to really call home if I was not living on campus at Long Island University, one can only imagine the things I allowed myself to go through only because I know that with hard work and sacrifice, my future will be bright. There was actually a time where I was virtually homeless in NYC, in the summer of 2009, and I could only afford to eat a two dollar tuna sandwich with mayo from the nearby corner store each day to survive.  I could have easily went back to Ohio to my family and lived comfortably, but my relentless spirit made me stay because, I would ask myself, “What is success without struggle?”  I had started something, and I was going to finish it successfully by any means, so I stayed.  There are a lot more stories, but those are for another time, and another day.  I look at obstacles as challenges, and man!, do I like a challenge! I m prepared for more to come, for I am aiming higher and am not complacent with my current status.

Tell us some of your long term goals….

I have so many, I wish I had 7 lifetimes! I do want to end up in television! I have always admired Oprah and her work, an her charities.  I definitely see myself doing similar things.  I want to help as many people as I can, and eventually help the people in Rwanda, especially the young women there.  I know I am destined for great things, and I have been given the tools to get to where I need to be.  When the time is right, I will take the necessary steps and risks that I need to take.  I ultimately want to leave this world a little better than I found it.

People would be surprised to know that ___________?

I do not watch television much. I don’t even own one! I have an addiction to reading, that if I go for too long without a book, I’ll fall into slight episode of depression, I think!  Also, I do not have my ears pierced, no tattoos, and am terribly afraid of needles and animals besides fish that are in a fish tank! I passionately hate bananas and anything that is flavored with it, looks or smells like it!

Your idea of relaxing is?

My idea of relaxing is actually being with my family in Ohio.  I don’t get to do that much, and when I am there, I am not thinking about work or the “Josi Marie” brand at that time.  I am just Josiane, the Rwandan daughter, sister, niece, and aunt.

You’ve got front row tickets to see your favorite artist. Who is it and why?

I listen to ALL types of music, and love a large variety of artists from Pink, Linkin Park, Jim Jones, Chrisette Michele, Wyclef, and Beyonce, so this is a very hard question.  I can simply say that I have yet to get over the fact that Michael Jackson (RIP) is no longer with us, and I have yet to love an entertainer as much as I loved him! I listened to him since Africa, and he would have had to be the one!

Your favorite getaway spot?

Anywhere by the water is perfect for me! I want to go back to Mombasa to the Indian Ocean! I have never seen anything as beautiful as that!

Who have you enjoyed working with the most? And name someone you would love to work with?

I enjoy, mostly, working with Jim Jones on various projects. He is an activist in his own way and really gives back to the community, which is something to applaud!  I like working with people who push me to work harder, and he does just that! I also enjoyed working with all the  beautiful ladies from Ball With Vixens! They inspired me to never give up! I want to work with Oprah so badly! …and I will.

What should we expect to see you doing in the near future?

I am actually working on a blanket drive for the homeless, being that the winter is coming and it pains me more than anything to see them on the streets! Lots of people will be involved in that! Also, The Josi Marie Show is something to stay in tune with! It is on DTFRADIO.COM and can also be sen on http://www.youtube.com/JosiMarieTV.

Any parting words or people you would like to thank?

So many people to thank! Jim Jones, Jetlag Ash, Sen City, DTF Radio, My team at DTF Radio (I love you! Thanks for being HUNGRY!).
HardBodyTV, Kush DVD (Kush Boyz), Bryan Hicklin Photography, Nick Haze, and all the blog sites that feature my shows! A personal thanks
to my close friends who keep me level headed (Mugisha, Ashley, Crystal, Kwesi, Rachel, Knix, Josh). My Family, I love you.

Parting Words: “Do Everything with Conviction” -My Father

Deana Kelley

Measurements: 5’4 34-20-33
Hometown: Brooklyn,NY
Currently Reside: Long Island,NY
Ethnic Background: Irish, Puerto Rican
Twitter: @Model_Deana
Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/deanakelley
Website: http://www.deanakelley.com

You are Irish and Puerto Rican, what was it like growing up with that kind of cultural influence?

I grew up strong & with a lot of soul.

What inspired you to pursue modeling?

I always wanted to model, I love being photographed. Its a passion I have for modeling that was in me since I was a little girl.

You have an outstanding figure and a lovely smile, who do you credit your features to and how do you stay in shape?

Thank you. No diet, no exercise this is just how I am. I have a fast metabolism.

Which of your features attract the most attention?

My booty attracts a lot of attention especially because I have such a tiny frame. At first you might think I’m just this skinny girl but you see where all my food goes.

What kind of shoots/work do you enjoy the most?

I love lingerie & swimwear.

What are some of your credits?

I have my own website www.deanakelley.com which I am very excited about I am also featured on other websites. I’ve been very blessed to have worked with 50 Cent.

Your bio also mentions that you are a law student,what attracted you to studying law, and are you going to be the prosecutor or the defense attorney?

I’ve always had a strong interest in law, I do a lot of case studies even when I’m not in school. I would make an excellent criminal defense attorney without any doubt.

Do you have any tattoos or piercing?

My ears, tongue, and navel are pierced. I have one tattoo on my right hip Chinese letters which symbolize “Warrior”.

Many people assume that models are confident at all times, but have you ever been afraid/nervous before a shoot?

Me? Shy? (Laughs) No at all!

People would be surprised to know that___________?

I’ve never had a boyfriend, and I’ve never been in a relationship.

Your idea of relaxing is?

A nice steamy hot shower while playing some Sade.

You’ve got front row tickets to see your favorite artist. Who is it and why?

Janet Jackson! She’s an incredible performer, she’s so talented. I love her!

How does Hip Hop music impact your daily life and your work? What’s your favorite song of the moment?

I’ve appeared in 3 hip hop videos. I can’t pick just one, I like Gucci Mane’s music.

What are your turn-ons?

I get turned on by intelligent, older, more matured men. He knows how to treat his woman. I love affection and I want to be held and cuddled with.

What are your turnoffs?

I have an intense dislike for liars and show offs, it shows a lack of confidence. I can’t be with you if you are insecure and controlling.

What’s the craziest thing a fan/admirer has done to get your attention?

(Laughs) Listen to my voicemails.

Who have you enjoyed working with the most? And name someone you would love to work with?

I enjoy working with people in general. People who are mature, goal oriented, people who want to work with me  without hidden agendas. (Laughs) I’d like to work with Jade Wifey she’s gorgeous.

The most sensual shoot you’ve ever done and what made it so sexy?

I did an implied shoot where I was covered with flower petals. I loved it! And I just did a photo shoot with chocolate syrup, it was dripping down my booty!

What should we expect to see you doing in the near future?

I will make more appearances, in music videos as well. More photo shoots coming up 3 already booked. I’m still in school which is prioritized. I’m single and it looks as though its going to be like that for a while.

Any parting words or people you would like to thank?

I would like to thank my creator He placed some heavy burdens on me because He knows I can take the weight. Thank you to everyone who has supported me.

Maegan Belle

Measurements: 38-28-42
Hometown: Canaan,Maine
Currently Reside: Brooklyn,New York
Ethnic Background: Swedish & Cherokee

Twitter: www.twitter.com/maeganbelle
Myspace: www.myspace.com/summerblonde
Website: www.maeganbelle.com

**BBA in Fashion & Public Relations
**I can speak Spanish, Swedish, and French

How were you discovered?

I first started modeling as an infant and have been off and on since then! My friends always said I should go to the urban route of modeling because IM so thick, so I took their advice two months ago and started modeling the Urban way! I discovered myself actually.

What inspired you to pursue modeling?

I grew up around all women in a beauty salon-so Ive always been in front of the mirror perfecting beauty. Modeling comes natural to me, so its really easy to pursue. My two inspirations are Anna Nicole and Marilyn Monroe, their beauty is so sexy yet classy-thats what I was to perceive myself as in the industry. Which makes me different then the rest!

You have an outstanding hourglass figure, where do the curves come from and how do you stay in shape?

Ive always been curvy, never below a size 9 even in high school. I dance at Broadway Dance Center-ballet,tap,jazz,hip hop,modern,etc. I also go to the gym and do weight training. To be honest with you I HATE THE GYM, but I force myself to go. My body stays thick, I love food!

Which of your features attract the most attention?

Id have to say my teal eyes, and my “wholly” are the biggest features-oh yea and my 38 D boobs too!

What kind of shoots/work do you enjoy the most?

I love location shoots, its fun to be out of the studio and be creative. I just shoot with TSJ STUDIOS in up state NY, and we did a ton of location shots. we had a blast outside with the hose, in the garden, and by this fence that looked like I was back home in Maine!

When did you realize that you had what it takes and how has the response been so far to your work?

I’ve always felt gorgeous inside and out, and I knew I was different then most girls in my high school. People always asked me if I modeled or acted, so I guess Ive realized it for a long time now. The response to my modeling has been great! I have a lot of fans in Maine, my home state, which makes me so happy! I cant wait to gain more fans and reach out to girls-so they know that you can be curvy and beautiful!

Tell us about your website and what we can expect to see on it?

http://www.maeganbelle.com is coming soon! on my new website you can find photos (personal and professional), videos (personal & professional), buy posters/calendars/tee shirts/signed documents, my bio, fan chats, and much more!

Do you have any tattoos or piercings?

I have one tattoo on my right index finger, no one really knows about it yet…its hard to see! it says “le sexxx” which my friend gave me as a nickname, its french for “the sex”-Im also starting a company after this nickname as well as Maegan Belle LLC.

Your beauty can easily be intimidating, but have you ever been afraid before a shoot?

I still to this day get butterflies before shooting! Its not like Im afraid its just an exciting feeling that goes throughout my body. I don’t like to feel intimidated ever!

People would be surprised to know that ___________?

I grew up in the woods-hunting, fishing, four wheeling, mudding, ski-doing, milking cows, doing chores at the farm, etc. I’m a tomboy but very much so a girly girl. Guys can get scared of that sometimes, yes I have guns lol.

Your idea of relaxing is?

Being on a rocking chair with a cup of coffee and a great book by the ocean…naked!

You’ve got front row tickets to see your favorite artist. Who is it and why?

I love Nicki Minaj and Drake. They are my two favorite artists at the moment, went to see them two months ago-and going to see Drake next month in NYC. Their lyrics just get to me, and  I love their fashion sense.

Your favorite getaway spot?

Florida-my family owns a time share there-Ive been going every year since I was two years old. Its in Treasure Island Florida, right on the beach-alot of old people, so its pretty quite an relaxing…and somewhere no one would expect me to be. love it there.

How does Hip Hop music impact your daily life and your work? Whats your favorite song of the moment?

Ive loved hip hop music and lifestyle since I was 12 years old, I was a lot different then most girls in Maine. I always listened to it, and I couldn’t go day to day without my ipod! My favorite song at the moment is “baddest bitch” by Nicki Minaj, it gets me fired up for the day and makes your confidence go up!

What are your turnons?

I love it when guys choke me and take advantage of me-its the BIGGEST turn on ever! most cant handle me so they feel scared lol. a man who can’t control me is a turnoff to me.

What are your turnoffs?

I HATEEEE it when guys just lay there, do something! geese. a non sexual turn off is guys without manners! i need a man who has great manners, because I had to take etiquette classes-so it just bugs me! Id leave a date if the guys chews with his mouth open or starts licking his fingers, ew!

What’s the craziest thing a fan/admirer has done to get your attention?

I have some stalkers on Facebook, its sorta scary but its amusing. lol. I’ve had a few fans show up at the clubs or dinners I’m at and ask me for photos, nothing TOO crazy yet thank goodness.

Who have you enjoyed working with the most? And name someone you would love to work with?

I loved working with TSJ STUDIOS and Blu Print ID. They are both amazing photographers and great people as well. I would love to work with Gabe David, he is a photographer for Playboy-hes simply divine!

The most sensual shoot you’ve ever done and what made it so sexy?

I just did this shoot with TSJ STUDIOS inside on a black drop, with all the lights out- candles lit-and this lamp light was very dim-so overtime he took a shot in between would go dark. it was so sexy and hot, mmm! didn’t want to stop, felt the sexiest ever!

What should we expect to see you doing in the near future?

My website is going to launch soon, cant wait for my dream site to happen! Im also going to be in Stunnaz, Sweets, and Bubble Shake Mags coming out this fall! I just shot a video with Red Cafe as well…Much more to come!

Any parting words or people you would like to thank?

I would like to thank my family, they have always been there for me-and keep me grounded. They are my life. I would also like to thank my two best friends Emmy and Lael for always supporting me and my crazy dreams and giving me the courage to go for them without a thought! LOVE YOU GUYS! Id like to part with a quote from my mom “you start and end with family. people come and go, but after you live out all your dreams-and go through your ups and downs-turn right,turn left-your family is still right there beside you.”