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Zeta Banx (@Zeta_Banx) Courtesy of Jack Oat Photo (@JackOatPhoto)

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NAME: Zeta Banx
AGE: 22
SIGN: Aquarius
Bust: 34c
waist: 24
hips: 36
EYE COLOR: Dark Brown
HAIR COLOR: Dark Brown
LOCATION: Raleigh,  NC
Likes/TURN ONS: white teeth
Dislikes/TURN OFFS: Bad Breath
Describe Yourself : Chocolate Petite dessert (I’m edible)
HOBBIES: Traveling
AMBITIONS: To build my own brand
WHAT DO YOU HOPE TO ACCOMPLISH IN THE MODELING INDUSTRY: To become successful and for modeling yo be a full-time career
FAVORITE PART OF YOUR BODY: my thighs, I like the thickness lol
TYPE OF MAN YOU PREFER: Well groomed, intelligent, and respectable man
SEXIEST THING A MAN EVER SAID TO/DONE FOR YOU: Flew me to a whole other state to surprise me with gifts, flowers and a extravagant dinner
CRAZIEST THING EVER DONE: fell done 2 flights of stairs because I was drunk lmfao im okay though
WHAT CAN A MAN DO TO TURN ON: Treat me like a woman deserves to be treated
FAVORITE PAIR OF JEANS: True religion dark denim skinny jeans
FAVORITE PAIR OF SHOES: Aldos Black sneaker wedges
FB: Facebook.com/ZetaBanx
TWITTER: Zeta_Banx
IG: Zeta_Banx
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1) How did u get into modeling and what was your first experience like? I reached out to a agency online and met with them. From then on it’s history.
2) Where are you from? Philadelphia
3) Funniest/craziest experience you’ve encountered as a model? We was doing a photoshoot and the whole building had a blackout, I was so scared lol
4) Whos your favorite music artist and why? 2 Chainz because his music is entertaining and I can relate to his lyrics
5) What are your turn ons and turn offs in a man? Turn on is a man with manners also well groomed and white teeth
6) Favorite sex position and why? 69 because I like to give and receive
7) What’s your idea of the perfect date? Great me at the door with roses, open my car door, and take me to the best restaurant in town, with dim lighting and candles
Any other talents other them modeling? Is so, what are they? I’m really good at pole dancing
9) How do you balance a personal life and have a modeling career? It’s really hard, but I choose to bw with someone that understands my goals in life
10) Favorite attire and why? I’m  obsessed with dresses with sheer detail because it’s very sexy
11)If you could change one thing about yourself ,what would it be? It would be my eye color, I love light eyes
12) What do u think men would say your best feature is and why? My eyes and lips because my eyes are very inviting and dark. My lips are nice and soft
13)If you could give any advice to aspiring models what would it be? Stay focused and don’t believe everything you hear.
14) What’s your idea of the perfect guy? A guy with goals, education and personality
What’s your Ethnicity? Black, Cherokee Indian, Jamaican and Puerto Rican
Where are your from originally? Philadelphia,  Pa
What the craziest thing you’ve ever done? Ran over my mail box, I was drunk lol
What do you like to do for fun? Relax on the beach
What is your guilty Pleasure: Dark Chocolate
How long have your been modeling? 4yrs
What made you become a model? When was younger I always looked up to the models on tv
What do you plan to accomplished in the modeling industry? To be successful and for it to be a full-time career
What’s is your best feature? My eyes
Are you single or taken? Single
What turn’s you off? Bad breath
What turn’s you on? White Teeth
What do guys compliment you on the most? My boobs
What is the first thing you notice about a guy/girl? His eyes
What kind of partner do you like? A loyal one
What is your ideal first date? Pick me up and greet me with flowers then take me to the best restaurant in town
Where can our readers find you online? facebook.com/zetabanx
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