#Kushions are "The Ladies that have something worth holding onto"

Olivia Jay Mars Courtesy of Jack Oat (@SilverLabelle @JackOatPhoto)

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MEASUREMENTS – 26,34,32 
AGE: 23
Likes: MUSIC,Black and white movies, reading, piano, dancing
Dislikes: the color burgundy, close minded people
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I’m fun very outgoing and love big crowds filled with people i never met, I love being labeled as the sexy strange one for my uniqueness and creativity
TYPE OF MAN YOU PREFER: A rebel.someone not afraid to take chances with anything and willing to explore anything with me
SEXIEST THING A MAN EVER SAID TO/DONE FOR YOU: I’ve had a different set of flowers sent to me everyday of the week for almost a whole month and a good morning note .Was a little over done it seemed but the thought and consistency was just unbelievably thoughtful and sweet. I couldn’t resist someone not giving up on my time and attention .Determination and knowing what he wants is so sexy to me in a man.
CRAZIEST THING EVER DONE: lol i was in a hurry one morning.As i was getting dressed i put on a sexy skin tight black dress and ran out the door as soon as i got into my car i realized something was missing and felt bare .I had realized i was in a hurry and forgot my panties I should have gone back inside seeing how i was wearing such a sexy dress and threw some on.But i decided that i liked the feeling and suspense of still getting to be somewhat naked and went commando underneath to a very important engagement.
TURN ONS: share my interest genuinely and have intelligence .a guy who speaks literature, properly and knows much about world events is a turn on .i love a book worm
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Instagram: Via_Vixen
Twitter:  SilverLabelle
Olivia Jay Mars (3)

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