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Miss Free courtesy of Port Royal Photography


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My measurements are: 34DD- 29-40
My hometown is: Ponce, PR
Currently residing in: Da Boogie Down Bronx
Ethnicity: I’m 50% PuertoRican with a 50% French
Instagram: @missfree

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1. How were you discovered? On Instagram

2. What inspired you to pursue modeling? Nothing I never thought I had a chance

3. You have an outstanding hourglass figure, where do the curves come from and how do you stay in shape? Well I’m PuertoRican we build like that and what God didn’t gave me I when I bought it but I do like to workout I like boxing too…

4. Which of your features attract the most attention? My butt !!!

MissFreePortRoyal (1)5.  What kind of shoots/work do you enjoy the most? I like to do themes and shooting outdoors it’s fun too

6.  What are some of your credits ? Dopeclusive.com, iamhiphop.com, and coming soon J’adore magazine

7.  Tell us some of your long term goals…. I want to be to reach that I already have set up as a grown woman, and have my pictures on every single magazine and website until I make myself a household name.

8. Do you have any tattoos or piercings? Yes I have three tattoos, but no piercings though.

9. Your beauty can easily be intimidating, but have you ever been afraid before a shoot? Afraid of a shoot? Never that !!! I love the camera and she loves me, but I have worked with people that can make you feel real uncomfortable because you are not their type.

10. People would be surprised to know that ___________? I’m half French

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11. Your idea of relaxing is? Stay home lounging around watching tv with some smoke.

12. You’ve got front row tickets to see your favorite artist. Who is it and why? Jay-Z because when I first came to USA, I didn’t know English and he was the only rapper I was able to understand and I have loved him ever since !!

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13. Your favorite getaway spot? Miami I love it there !

14. How does music impact your daily life and your work? Whats your favorite song of the moment? I love music !! Hip- Hop and R&B. I’m PuertoRican so I love reggae-ton and pop music !! Name it I love it and I love to hear my music on ridiculous levels of unnecessary volume !!! My favorite song right now is We Dem Boys I love the beat it puts me in a good mood and the lyrics “we dem boys holla we making noise…” I’m that girl and I’m making da noise holla lol…

15. What are your turn-ons? Security, cockiness, self confidence, responsibility, independence and  good character.

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16. What are your turnoffs? Jealousy, hate, lies, no self confidence, trust issues, dependency and self pity.

17 . What’s the craziest thing a fan has done to get your attention? A guy once introduced himself like hey I’m the guy from Instagram !!!

18.  Who have you enjoyed working with the most? And name someone you would love to work with? Warren @portroyalphotos
Allen Johnson @flasphotography15, and coming soon with Big Joe @Jadore @thickmagazine

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19. The most sensual shoot you’ve ever done and what made it so sexy? I just finished working for Jadore mag and it’s the most sexy so far! I had nothing on but red glitter covering my nipples !! Messy but sexy fun !!

20. What should we expect to see you doing in the near future? I will be doing some hosting in the NY area more magazines and I want my own calendar soon.

21.  Any parting words or people you would like to thank? I just want to say thank you to everybody that’s giving me the opportunity to work with them I feel grateful and flatter and to those who didn’t believed on me and said the I wasn’t going make it anywhere…

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