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Professionalism in Modeling

A statement from KUSH LLC & Other Entertainment Industry Professionals

(June 22, 2012) — For the past three (3) years, I and other industry professionals have been supportive of the Nikki Rich Models (NRM) movement. We have helped promote their models, place them into mainstream publications, and helped forward their movement as a whole.

However, as of yesterday, we are forced to take a different stance. It is not like us to indulge in “Twitter beef” or take it as a reason to decide against working with someone, however, yesterday’s Twitter episodes from Nikki Rich Models’ Brittany Dasani & Sophia Christina have left us no choice.

The entertainment industry is not a business for the weak-minded, or the faint of heart. Not everyone is going to like everyone, and certainly, we don’t expect two people to get along all the time. Flare-ups do, indeed, happen. It isn’t preferred, but we are human & therefore flawed.

However, when a model continuously – after several attempts to warn her against doing so – attacks professionals in the business who have done nothing but assist in their careers – when that same model has been through FOUR different agencies because of her unprofessional attitude and behavior – when that same model then rounds up other models & encourages them to engage in the same unprofessional behavior (as Brittany Dasani has done), it no longer becomes about “business” or personality differences.

In an attempt to eradicate and settle a war of words between mutual colleagues, I from KUSH LLC personally requested that NRM formally and publicly via Twitter intervene and maintain control of their client Brittany Dasani. I have been party to and witness of internal emails attempting to force an unnecessary interaction between parties in dispute as a method of resolution. This industry is entirely built on relationships. If two parties in this industry cannot co-exist they should be able to out of respect be able to refrain from public displays of their disdain for one another. Unfortunately the attitude and response to my request for a public intervention were not to my satisfaction and these antics have continued from Brittany Dasani, unabated, and even nastier & more unprofessional than before. This is akin to a lack of institutional control and I will not allow our hard work to be muddled or affiliated with any company that cannot keep reins and control of their clientele.

Because of this, & other unprofessional behavior we have witnessed, we will no longer associate or co-sign anything done by the Nikki Rich Models, Brittany Dasani, or Sophia Christina, and we encourage other professionals to do the same.
There are many other modeling agencies that can offer more professional girls than these, whom we will be happy to refer.

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