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Chasitiy – Nikki Rich Models

Measurements: 36-28-41
Hometown: Brooklyn
Currently Reside: NYC
Ethnic Background: Haitian

Twitter: www.twitter.com/supremechasitiy
Website: www.thesupremechasitiy.com (coming soon)

How were you discovered?

I was discovered from childhood, many people would approach me on the street and claim “I’m a star”…Sweet Deal

What inspired you to pursue modeling?

What inspired me to pursue modeling was the concept of grasping another media outlet besides acting.

You have an outstanding hourglass figure, where do the
curves come from and how do you stay in shape?

I get my curves from genetics and I workout often on my Nintendo Wii for about 30 minutes a day…I’m a modern woman

Which of your features attract the most attention?

My smile usually gets the most attention, and I’m usually asked if I use to wear braces-the answer is NO.

What kind of shoots/work do you enjoy the most?

I enjoy working on sketch comedy projects the most-hence me being a comedian.

What are some of your credits ?

I’ve worked on “The Whitest Kids U’ Know”; “The Rachael Ray Show”; “Watching the Detectives”

Tell us some of your long term goals….

My long term goal is constantly work in the industry and inspire others to pursue their dreams

Do you have any tattoos or piercings?

Yes I have a tattoo, but I’m not divulging what it is or where it is

Your beauty can easily be intimidating, but have you ever been afraid before a shoot?

The first time I ever had a shoot, I was terrified. However, I’ve since gotten over that fear.

People would be surprised to know that ___________?

I’m 5’3-most people assume I’m taller until they stand right next to me.

Your idea of relaxing is?

My idea of relaxing is going to the beach or reading a book..closet nerd

You’ve got front row tickets to see your favorite artist. Who is it and why?

I would love front row tickets to a Mary J Blige concert, as she is truly a poignant woman with a piercing soul. Love Her!

Your favorite getaway spot?

My favorite getaway spot is South Beach, Miami

How does Hip Hop music impact your daily life and your work? Whats your favorite song of the moment?

Hip Hop music also gets me moving in the morning…I usually use it to wake up. Currently, my favorite song is “Hot Toddy” by Usher and Jay-Z

What are your turnons?

My biggest turn-on is intelligence

What are your turnoffs?

My biggest turn-off is arrogance, as that borderline cocky-and it looks ugly on you!

What’s the craziest thing a fan has done to get your attention?

The craziest thing a fan has ever done to get my attention is stop me in a restaurant while eating- I guess thats not bizarre.

Who have you enjoyed working with the most? And name someone you would love to work with?

I loved working with Trevor Moore from the WKUK and I look forward to working with Seth Rogen and Judd Apatow

The most sensual shoot you’ve ever done and what made it so sexy?

I haven’t have a sensual shoot yet..kinda gay of me

What should we expect to see you doing in the near future?

You definitely expect me starring in featured motion pictures and  major television shows

Any parting words or people you would like to thank?

I would like to thank God and the divine forces that continue to push me to pursue my reality. SUPREME

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